The challenge

In 2016, Vasaloppet launched its new ski race for true adventurers: Nattvasan. Participants ski the classical 90km long trail at night, with only the nature and the moon as their audience. To attract adventurous skiers and position Vasaloppet as a player in more adventurous outdoor competitions, we created an editorial launch that made people’s stomachs drop.

The solution

Beautiful views in the evening twilight, the forest as your companion and snowy tracks. To the tunes of Swedish artist Marit Bergman’s reinterpretation of the classic Vasaloppet ski anthem, the two participants race in darkness towards the finish line in Mora.

The main film for Nattvasan took advantage of the great adventure in completing Sweden’s most famous ski race in harsh conditions with only one refreshment station in 90 km. The aim with the main film and the three ”story about the story” films that were produced was to stir emotions and create engagement. In total, 45 content pieces were made (films, music, images, articles) that were portioned out according to a well-balanced social media plan in order to create the best possible reach and buzz at clearly defined target groups.

And buzz there was.

The success was not only due to the film’s dramaturgy and adventurous appeal. In parallel with the publication, extensive public relations efforts were put forward, which, among other things, resulted in visits to SVT’s morning sofa [Swedish national public TV broadcaster] and numerous articles in the national media.

The publication was also accompanied by a comprehensive distribution plan in social media, consisting of over 45 different updates over a 20 day period. The distribution plan started seven days before the film was published in order to create an interest in the campaign. Numerous teasers in the form of text, images and movie trailers were posted on Facebook and Instagram at the start of the campaign period, a week before the main film’s premiere. This material created curiosity and commitment that built up anticipation for the release of the movie launch.

A strategically desirable scenario was to let the artist Marit Bergman, who during the spring of 2016 was to release her first album in seven years, interpret the classic Vasaloppet anthem. The dream scenario became a reality, both from a musical and strategic point of view as Marit Bergman has a natural connection to the Vasaloppet homelands because of her upbringing in Rättvik, Dalarna.

The result

The Nattvasan film became a success. With more than 300,000 views on Facebook and another 40,000 views on Vasaloppet’s own YouTube channel during the campaign period, one cannot say anything other than that the launch was a major hit. That the race also sold out in less than 90 seconds is further proof of the major interest that the campaign managed to create for Nattvasan.

Facebook reach: 1 750 757 people
Organic reach: 857 898 people
The Nattvasan film: 350 000+ views


Views on Vasaloppet's own YouTube channel.


Articles in the media.


Spoon and Vasaloppet won silver in Best Travel for its “high production values and fully integrated social campaign”.


Spoon and Vasaloppet won two bronze in Pearl Awards for Best Special Issue/One Off Campaign and Best Video.


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