PostNord Sweden

PostNord Native Autumn 2017

The challenge

Public confidence in PostNord has plummeted in the past two years. Mass media coverage has been critical of the logistics company for quite some time. Barely a day passed without the press publishing negative stories about missing letters, long delivery times and broken packages.

Spoon received, together with Bonnier News Brand Studio, an assignment to help re-build the public’s confidence in the PostNord brand.

The solution

The solution became a native advertising campaign with sixty publications on and (two of Sweden’s biggest newspapers).

On Expressen, the primary platform of choice, Spoon created a number of stories based on classical tabloid genres – crime, human destinies, celebrities, etc. In parallel, we also responded to the negative news stories spread in mass media.

Instead of avoiding the “PostNord crisis”, we chose to take advantage of the fact that PostNord was on everybody’s lips. We created content that explained the background to the perceived problems. Indeed, the content spoke to the public’s doubts and frustrations – something which was an important success factor for this campaign.

Bonnier News Brand Studio provided ongoing reporting and optimised the articles in real-time so they were “in the middle of the news feed”.

Handling a crisis with the help of native advertising stirred debate at a number of large media houses and industry publications, both in Sweden and broad. Our strategic approach gave the campaign further media attention.

The result

The autumn campaign was a success and we learnt a lot from it.

When we’re close to the news flow, it impacts both on the number of page views, the reading time, and – most importantly – people’s confidence levels.

Since PostNord relates to all Swedes, everyone has an opinion of the company. To do a survey against that background and finding out that after reading these articles, 15  per cent claim that their confidence in PostNord has increased… That’s good.

Furthermore, the campaign didn’t just reach 500,000 Swedes, but they also spoke to their friends about what we had written. The high engagement became apparent when we made a direct comparison to the previous campaign in the spring of 2017, a campaign which was also deemed very successful.

The page views on Expressen increased with 163 per cent on average while the reading time went up with 16 per cent.   

The high quality of the sponsored articles is a contributing factor to the increased level of trust. The survey conducted on found that:

24% said that the sponsored articles were credible.
32% said that it was relevant information.
34% said that they got new information/knowledge from the sponsored articles.

These statistics must be seen in the light that the majority of the respondents admitted having a negative perception of PostNord as a company.

On the whole, Spoon, Bonnier News Brand Studio and PostNord have shown that insight-driven communication mixed with a “close news flow native advertising approach” can gain the public’s trust even in a time when a company is under critical scrutiny. The campaign has through sharp content, smart channel choices and crucial timing managed to increase public confidence for PostNord.


After reading the sponsored articles, 15 per cent claim that their confidence in PostNord has increased.


The page views on Expressen increased with 163 per cent on average while the reading time went up with 16 per cent.

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