Team Preem

The challenge

Swedish fuel company Preem had been sponsoring the oldest and longest cross-country ski race, Vasaloppet, for nine years. With the 10th anniversary approaching, Spoon was tasked with taking Preem’s sponsorship beyond the race itself.

The challenge was to find a new and innovative way for Preem to interact with their audience on Facebook.

The solution

To build on the already-considerable engagement in Vasaloppet, and to help Preem forge an even tighter brand association with the race, we started a new Facebook group for Vasaloppet enthusiasts, “Team Preem – for everyone who loves Vasaloppet,” and created a plan of topics to engage its members. A detailed distribution plan was drawn up to attract members to the group, maximise reach and create engagement and buzz.

To capitalise on Preem’s ongoing cooperation with cross country skiing legend Gunde Svan, we arranged a competition to encourage Vasaloppet contestants to join the group. Three skiers eventually won the ultimate prize – a series of personal coaching sessions from Svan before the race.

We documented the sessions and produced a video series for YouTube and Facebook, along with explainers for the Team Preem members. Meanwhile, we engaged the group members in discussions on Vasaloppet, training and skiing, as well as Preem’s role as the main sponsor.

The result

In the first few days we had 1,000 members in the Team Preem group and it continued to grow by about 100 people per week, reaching over 3,000 by the start of the Vasaloppet race.

The campaign generated widespread coverage in the mainstream media and Svan’s three novices became great brand ambassadors for Preem, all tagging the company in their own social media posts.

With the success of the coaching series Preem asked us to make a TV spot, replacing their standard TV commercial during the Winter Olympics. By the end of Vasaloppet 2018, the world’s largest Facebook group for Vasaloppet enthusiasts was established in Preem’s name and has since continued to grow, giving Preem a direct line to an important target group for its ongoing sponsorship.


Increase in ad recall lift in target audience on YouTube.


Earned social media posts grew by 253% compared to 2017.


We had over 3000 Vasaloppet enthusiasts in Team Preem’s Facebook group by start of the Vasloppet race.


Preem and Spoon won Gold in Best Use of Social Media at Pearl Awards.

“The brilliance of Spoon’s Team Preem campaign is underpinned by a exhaustive content strategy and distribution plan. The payoff is long-lasting: Not only did the campaign exceed target goals with the added production of a TV spot, but it resulted in the creation of an invaluable online community for Preem.” – Jury’s motivation

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