Telia’s online newsdesk

The challenge

The competition on the Swedish telecommunication market is stiff. And actually, the telecommunications market is gone. Market leader Telia offers their customers everything from TV, fiber connections, Spotify connections, the latest Apple phone to advance business solutions.

Simply put, it’s an ICT market – and the battle takes place on the web. It’s at that more and more business occur. This is where more and more customers go to get help.

To face this challenge, it’s necessary to have an online newsdesk that acts proactively, is data-driven and masters content marketing. A newsdesk that collaborates effectively with marketing department, business development and customer service.

In 2015, Telia realised that such a newsdesk didn’t yet exist – so they made the decision to build an entire new unit at the head office in Stockholm.


The solution

Step by step, a new unit was built during a one year period. Through close collaboration with Spoon, who conducted a pre-study, managed recruitment and led the work during the first couple of months, the online newsdesk was finally in place.

To help Telia set up an online newsdesk, Spoon:

Conducted a pre-study.
Led the recruitment.
Ran the editorial room for six months.
Provided training and education.
Ensured a smooth handing over.
Assisted with supplementary staffing.

The result

The investment in an online newsdesk has yielded positive results, especially when it comes to the customer relationship. The difference is significant.

”We went from an incoherent customer meeting to a coherent one thanks to a kept together unity,” says Pär Bergquist, Head of Online Sales and Service.

Thanks to the online newsdesk, Telia can act faster, be more proactive and collaborate more effectively across marketing, sales and customer service.

”I would say that we’ve gone from being a development busy department to being the glue of the whole operation, both regarding communication, the market and the business. We’re the cohesive force regarding how to communicate with customers, which has resulted in a relevant and coherent digital customer meeting,” says Annika Järund Larsson, editor-in-chief at

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