Viral success for Kantega

The challenge

Kantega is a Norwegian software company of 130 staff with offices in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen.

Kantega needed to staff up, and was looking for a way to attract talented developers. The competition was fierce, and the demand was high for this kind of job candidates. Kantega needed to increase brand awareness, and present themselves as an attractive employer, in order to ensure quality and quantity in the recruitment process.

The primary objective was to increase the number of job applicants.

A  secondary objective was to increase awareness of Kantega as a potential workplace for developers.

A tertiary objective was to increase awareness of the Kantega brand.

The solution

Spoon and Kantega worked in close collaboration to produce a recruitment campaign consisting of a main film, a landing page, and shorter videos for Facebook ads. The creative solution was “The Mysterious Life of Developers”, a mockumentary film documenting the everyday life of developers, narrated in a “David Attenborough” style.

The result

“The Mysterious Life of Developers” became a viral hit. The video generated 180K shares, 60K comments, 200K reactions and 23 million views. Additionally, it was picked up by major outlets such as Unilad and Makeuseof, and received press coverage in e.g. Digi.no, Kampanje.com and Interesting Engineering.

The recruitment campaign was a success, creating brand awareness and ensuring 3571% increase in traffic to the website kantega.no/jobb. Kantega met their recruitment goals and many new employees came in contact with the company through the film.

During the period 20 September to 20 November 2016 vs same period in 2017, unique visits to the site went up:

– kantega.no/hvemervi: 1300 vs 8300  = 638% increase.

– kantega.no/jobb: 70 vs. 2500 = 3571% increase.

– kantega.no: 2500 vs. 5800 = 232% increase.

In addition, the film has contributed to strengthen the internal pride at Kantega. The annual employee survey asked co-workers to what extent Kantega’s external communication impact their motivation, and the answer revealed an increase of 20 per cent.

23 million

Video views.


Video shares.

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