Virtual care rooms mini documentary

The challenge

Healthcare is an important segment to Microsoft. The challenge was to create engaging content on the subject, which also needed to attract influential members of the public sector and representatives at global healthcare organisations.

A virtual care room lets patients perform their own tests, upload their own results, and speak to a doctor over video. This Swedish technique, which is powered by Microsoft, is nothing less of a revolution since it has the potential to improve healthcare in rural Sweden and beyond.

Slussfors was the first Swedish village to install a virtual care room. But what powerful stories could be told there?



The solution

Spoon decided to make a mini documentary about Anna Lisa Lirell, a lady who had visited the virtual care room out of curiosity and discovered she had diabetes. She had since then begun treatment, and visited the care room on a regular basis.

The mini documentary focuses on Anna Lisa while also including interviews with doctors and county council members from the area. In the film, we never visually leave Anna Lisa and her village but instead show drone shots of the beautiful nature of Slussfors while they are talking in the background.

The result

Several key influencers at Swedish County Councils have seen and been touched by the story and asked Microsoft to come and present their strategy and thinking for digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

At Microsoft, the video received high praise and was even one of the finalists in the internal Exhibition of Excellence in the category “Best Digital Transformation”.

This solution is also now evaluated to be part of an initiative to provide more advance healthcare in rural areas of Africa.


Key influencers at Swedish County councils that asked Microsoft to come and present their strategy for digital transformation of the healthcare sector.


Number of YouTube views.


Virtual care rooms mini documentary was nominated in “Best Video” at The CMA International Content Marketing Awards 2016.  

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