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The challenge

Challenges in re-launching a website are two-fold. The first challenge lies in offering something new to the existing audience, and the second in building and retaining new audiences. Both of which were realised on 22 August 2016, when Wärtsilä re-launched its digital stakeholder magazine, Twentyfour7.

While there was a planned effort to promote the website launch on social media platforms, we knew they were short term goals with immediate results. We needed a strategy that would help us tide over the challenges in the long term. We wanted a concrete solution that would not only increase traffic to the website but also project Wärtsilä as a thought leader. We bet on contextual storytelling and we are reaping the benefits. There were also some other key ingredients in our success recipe. Read on.

The solution

We designed a strategy that introduced a new form of storytelling at Wärtsilä. By shifting focus from product-oriented stories to contextual stories, we won half the battle, because it not only offered something extremely new to the existing audience but also propelled Wärtsilä’s stature as a thought leader.

We planned a series of stories for the launch that were aimed at looking at the bigger picture. To keep the momentum going, we continued to pitch and produce stories that helped find Wärtsilä’s place in the bigger picture.

As the audience began to grow, we knew we had to retain them. The only way to do that was to be consistent yet different. Together with the client, we decided to post one story every week on a certain day – to make it a habit and ensure that followers looked forward to the next story.

Once consistency was set in motion, we worked towards being different. Our stories mapped different geographies, latched on to trends, and had an editorial edge over the others. By introducing content formats (video, infographics, etc.) we raised the bar and appealed to unique choices of the target audience groups. In a couple of months, the website was turning into a thriving ecosystem of engaging content.

One move that boosted our effort was the revamped newsletter for Twentyfour7. The additional features included audience segments and feedback features, which helped widen reach and grow audience.

To further broaden the reach, we relied both on organic distribution and paid promotion. We SEO-optimised our copies and took extra effort to cross-link content within and outside the digital premise of Wärtsilä.

The result

In the 6 months’ duration from 22 August 2016 to 21 February 2017, the new Twentyfour7 website received 27,023 unique visitors and 37,165 visits in total.

• The monthly average of unique visitors reached 4,503 and became 135% more than it used to be on the old website, exceeding the set goal by 12%.
• The monthly visits increased to 6,194, 143% higher than the benchmark and 8% more than the set goal.
• Twentyfour7 newsletter acquired 289 new subscribers from October 2016 to February 2017.
• Social media and organic search have been the fastest growing traffic sources, accounting for 28% and 26%, respectively, of the whole visits to Twentfyfour7 in the said period. Moreover, 73% of the visits from social media are from owned and earned social channels.
• Organic search traffic (particularly from Google) soared more than 10 times.
Visits from owned and earned social channels increased by 38%, and 51% of those were from LinkedIn.


Unique visitors during the six-month period.


Visits in total during the six-month period.

Recent Awards

Spoon Helsinki and Wärtsilä won gold at the Swedish Content Awards 2017 in the category Best Industry/Manufacturing/Energy.  

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