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Raising awareness about obesity on social media

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Did you know that obesity is a medical condition? And that successful weight management may require treatment? Not many people do, even though there are about 1.4 million people diagnosed with obesity in Sweden today. Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company working to defeat serious chronic diseases, like obesity. On their website,, they want to educate people and challenge the stigma and around obesity as a disease, so that those who want can get the help they need.

The Challenge

In order to reach out with their important message, Novo Nordisk wanted to get a closer relationship to their target audience. But how do you create a close relationship with a target group, women and men over 40, who are faced with stigma and negative experiences directly connected to their obesity? Not an easy task. And not to mention the overall knowledge gap around obesity in society today.

To help Novo Nordisk to reach their goals, we saw a need of getting a strategy for social media in place for the Swedish market, with the intention to help their messaging align with what kind of content that their target audience were open and willing to consume.

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The Solution

By thorough research of the target group, their behavior, analysis of competitors and previous published content, we were able to gain heaps of important insights to build the social media strategy on. With this background, we found out that sharing knowledge, portraying real people and aligning the tonality based on insights were all keys to success.

This all resulted in an extensive strategy for Novo Nordisk’s social media channels, which gave them the right insights to reach their goals and create a stronger connection with their target audience.

The Result

At Spoon, we helped them go from rational to emotional content and to become a supporting voice to people living with obesity. The strategy also resulted in a clear purpose of what the content should look like, and where it should be distributed to have an effect throughout the entire costumer journey.

Setting a strategy was only the start of our collaboration together with Novo Nordisk – Truth about weight. Today, together with our sister agency Trickle, we run their entire social media presence in Sweden.

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Yrla Persson

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