digital insights internet i fokus
11th November 2019

3 digital insights for 2020

Spoon Malmö’s creative writer and editor Maria Reilly attended the digital conference Internet in Focus (Internet i fokus) in October. These are some of her takeaways.
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content brand guide
25th March 2019

From content marketing to content brand [FREE GUIDE]

A content brand is a brand that thinks, functions and acts as a media company. It builds a loyal audience and creates long-term business with the help of engaging content.…
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StrategyBrandingHow to
1st February 2019

5 clever ways to articulate your brand purpose

How do you feel about Brexit, climate change or immigration? Brands have traditionally been wary of taking a stance on such divisive socio-political issues. But things are now changing. Gone…
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Employer BrandBranding
1st February 2019

Why employer branding matters (and how McDonald’s is leading the way)

Olle Lindholm interviews Shelley Hoppe, agency director of Spoon London, about building a credible employer brand and attracting the right talent for your company.Last year, we interviewed the Swedish employer…
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Employer BrandBrandingHow to
1st February 2019

What exactly is a rebrand? 5 things to consider when shaking things up

It’s not unusual to see brands ditch their old image and replace it with something completely new. But a successful rebrand is no easy task. Matilda Egere-Cooper explores what marketers…
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