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Based in Sweden’s industrial capital, the Gothenburg team delivers communication with a global punch. And how do we do it? By trusting the narrative, of course.

We start by defining your target groups and the purpose of your communications. It’s from there that we build the story – the beating heart of every project – and involve our distribution experts. Together, we transform your message into viral videos, downloadable whitepapers and everything in between.

Whether it is print, digital, text or video, you can rest assured that we’ll make sure yours is a story worth sharing.

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3 things we love

about Gothenburg

Its industrial heritage

The city’s unique history in the engineering and technology spaces keeps us on our toes when it comes to global trends like digitalisation, automation and electrification.

Seafood, seafood, seafood

Some of the world’s best seafood comes from our cold, clean west coast waters. And our vast archipelago looks pretty great too. Yes, we love our sea and we love what’s in it.

Gothenburg has a new lease of life

The city feels revitalised, refreshed and growing, but it still manages to keep its down-to-earth, low-key vibe.

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Contacts in Gothenburg

Agneta Löfgren

Business Director

+46 76 525 19 67

Hanna Zakai

Business Director

+46 70 266 63 82

Daniel Henricson

Business Director Video

+46 73 320 70 90

Lina Skafvenstedt

Creative Director

+46 76 177 61 47

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