Spoon Live

The 2020-way to connect.

Traditional events, like seminars, employee gatherings and keynote speeches, have always played an important role in companies’ interaction with their audiences. Today, it is easy to host such events in digital channels, making it possible for your audience to interact with the show as if they were present. There is nothing to lose, only potential gains. All within the reach of a fair budget. With a smart social media campaign the buzz that is created in advance and afterwards will create a continuous dialogue around your event.

Contact us to learn more about live streaming. We operate on all technical platforms and can create reach on every distribution channel, be it Facebook Live, Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, or any other platform.

Erik Wannelid
Business Director, Stockholm

Tel: +46 70 840 65 43
E-post: erik.wannelid@spoon.se

Daniel Henricsson
Business Director Video, Gothenburg

Tel: +46 73 320 70 90
E-post: daniel.henricson@spoon.se