Bonnier’s RAG bought in a management buyout, led by agency founders

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It’s well-known that Bonnier has been looking for new owners for its agency network, the Real Agency Group, for some time. Though several major players have been interested in acquiring the business, it was important to all parties involved to find the right “fit”.  A management buy-out group have now found that win-win solution.

The original founders of Spoon and Oh My, together with 13 other leaders and managers within the RAG Group, have come together to buy all the shares in the company.

“It’s been fantastic working with Bonnier,” says Anders Ribba who is CEO of Real Agency Group. “But they reevaluated their strategy and portfolio and decided they wanted to go in a different direction in the future. We understood this, plus we felt it would be an exciting next step for us, too. This gives us an opportunity to get back to our entrepreneurial roots and run the group with the team closest to the business.”

“For us, it feels really special to be able to transfer our shares in Real Agency Group to those who know the business best,” states Jonas von Hedenberg, Investment Director at Bonnier Ventures and Real Agency Group’s former Chairman of the Board.

“Working with RAG has been a great journey in every way: it’s been profitable and it’s been fun. However, as a pure consulting business, it has become something of an oddity in our portfolio. Although it’s the right time for us to divest, we have worked closely with management for many years and really wanted to find the right “fit” going forward. For this reason, we’re delighted that the ownership of the group is returning to its founders and management – and we’re confident that they have an exciting future ahead,” he says.

The new owners’ ambition is to create the Nordic region’s most attractive employee-owned agency network for both clients and employees.

“An employee-owned agency network has many benefits for both customers and employees. In our experience, people feel more of a sense of ownership and it becomes even more meaningful to work together,” says Anders Ribba, one of Spoon’s founders.

“When we and Spoon were acquired by Bonnier and became part of the Real Agency Group, it felt like we swiped right on Tinder,” states Christian Albinsson, co-founder of Oh My. He continues: “It was a good match – and the agencies have held together well since then. Now we’re taking the next step by entering into marriage. Very exciting! We’re looking forward to working together to create the Nordic region’s most attractive employee-owned agency network.”

Real Agency Group
Real Agency Group is the parent company that owns the Oh My group, the Spoon group, The Domain Was Taken, KIT, Spoon Marketing Tech and Trickle. The group has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Halmstad, Härnösand, Piteå, Luleå, Skellefteå, Oslo, Helsinki and London.

Questions are answered by
Anders Ribba
+46-708 59 24 06

Jonas von Hedenberg
+46-708 18 98 48

Christian Albinsson
+46-704 38 69 46

The new RAG owners are the following people:
Niclas Wikström, founder of Oh My
Christian Albinsson, founder of Oh My
Anders Ribba, founder of Spoon
Melker Forssén, founder Spoon
Frida Sellberg, CFO Real Agency Group
Frida Ågren, Oh My
Sara Thun Arodén, Oh My
Marte Ramborg, Spoon Oslo
Siv Tone Solfjeld, Oslo
Maria Biesterfeldt, Spoon Stockholm
Aisha Furuberg, Oh My Oslo
Markus Tiburzi, Oh My
Johan Andersson, Spoon Sweden
Ludvig Olsson, Trickle
Eric Lundekrans, Trickle Gothenburg
Patrik Lythell, The Domain Was Taken
Filip Dalhamn, The Domain Was Taken