Last night, the winners of Pearl Awards were announced in New York.  Spoon won nine awards in total for their collaboration with Volvo Trucks, ...

Spoon hits a home run at Pearl Awards 

Last night, the winners of Pearl Awards were announced in New York.  Spoon won nine awards in total for their collaboration with Volvo Trucks, Sandvik Coromant, Orio, Vasaloppet and Swedfund – and was therefore one of the most awarded agencies at the gala. 

Pearl Awards is the longest running content marketing awards program in the United States. The competition consists of 34 categories that each reward creativity and impact. Spoon won five gold and four bronze prizes at the awards ceremony.

”We are incredibly proud and happy about this,” says Anders Ribba, CEO at Spoon. ”This shows what great results come from a close and insighful collaboration with clients. Our clients place high demands on us, and we on them. Clear focus on communications goals, the right priorities and a generous creative space. Big praise to our clients who give us the possibility to work close with them. Then the results are often great.”

A gold homerun in the US
Spoon and Volvo Trucks won three gold awards for their campaign Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes in the categories Best Automotive, Best Social Media, and Best Video. Spoon and Orio received the gold award for Most Innovative Content Solution for the viral brand campaign Stay Original.

”Very fun! This shows that it’s always worth going the extra mile. That together with the client take the ideas for another spin. To always look for the unexpected. To turn and twist the challenge once again. To always reject the ‘first best’ solution and instead look for the brilliant solution,” says Melker Forssén, Chief Creative Director at Spoon.

Sandvik Coromant’s global campaign ”Looking Ahead 4: Tomorrow’s materials” won gold in the industry category “Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction.” The campaign focused on tomorrow’s materials and was produced in more than 15 languages. It contained for instance a global competition which urged participants to create sustainable solutions for the home, using graphene.

”The Graphene Challenge has proved an excellent example of content marketing for Sandvik Coromant to share with key audiences mainly through social media, industry insights and impact of new materials in its aim to shape the future of machining,” says Christina Hoffman, Account Director at Spoon.

”Staying ahead for us is key in the fast-moving, evolving world of manufacturing. Following the course of future trends and developments affecting the industry and how they drive us forward. Material science is one area that will play a crucial role in the future as resource scarcity will require innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. This global campaign allowed us to bring awareness, encourage creativity and share in the wealth of innovative ideas that will shape the future of manufacturing. The result was a great success!” says Björn Roodzant, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Sandvik Coromant.

The Nattvasan film became a success and in Pearl Awards it got the bronze for Best Video and Best Special Issue/One Off Campaign. On top of the gold prize for Most Innovative Content Solution, Spoon and Orio also landed a bronze medal in the Best Automotive category.

“We are incredibly happy,” tells Petra Bagge, client director, from New York.

“This award is proof that communication that dares to think outside of the box pays off”, says Johan Ran, marketing manager at Orio. “We are very proud of both international awards”.

Spoon also won bronze in Corporate Social Responsiblity for Swedfund’s sustainablity report 2015.

“Swedfund reports in a transparent and admirable way. Storytelling and content have been essential parts, as has the work with meeting the target groups’ desires and needs,” says Meryem Can, Client Director at Spoon.

“Sustainability ought to be an integrated part in all operations, no matter if they are a company, a government authority or an organisation. Swedfund has during many years prioritised an integrated report and it is fun to see that we inspire others,” says Anna Ryott, CEO at Swedfund.

Spoon’s prizes in Pearl Awards


Category: Best Automotive
Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes
Client: Volvo Trucks
Agency: Spoon

Category: Best video
Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes
Client: Volvo Trucks
Agency: Spoon

Category: Best Social Media
Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes
Client: Volvo Trucks
Agency: Spoon

Category: Most Innovative Content Solution
How a car ad became a viral brand campaign
Client: Orio AB
Agency: Spoon

Category: Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction
Looking Ahead 4: Tomorrow’s materials
Client: Sandvik Coromant
Agency: Spoon


Category: Best Special Issue/One Off Campaign
Client: Vasaloppet
Agency: Spoon

Category: Best Video
Client: Vasaloppet
Agency: Spoon

Category: Best Automotive
How a car ad became a viral brand campaign
Client: Orio AB
Agency: Spoon

Category: Corporate Social Responsibility
Poverty reduction through sustainable business: Swedfund’s integrated report 2015
Client: Swedfund
Agency: Spoon

Work group at Spoon (Volvo Trucks)
Client director: Eric Lundekrans
Director/producer: Christofer Åhman
Editor/project manager: Olivia Krantz
Art director: Johan Windle
Producer: Axel Lindqvist
Reporter: Jimmy Håkansson
Social media and distribution: Sebastian Jansson
Web & video support: Daniel Persson

Work group at Spoon (Orio)
Petra Bagge – client director
Pierre Adolfsson – editor
Axel Lindqvist – video producer
Justus Hultgren – art director

Work group at Spoon (Sandvik Coromant):
Tina Thelenius – Campaign Manager
Niklas Thulin – Creative Director
Henrik Emilsson – Editor
Lars-Petter Steen – Video Editor
Christina Hoffmann – Account Director

Sandvik Coromant:
Faina Sandler – Global Content Marketing Specialist
Lianne Mills – Manager Content Marketing

Work group at Spoon (Nattvasan):
Jonas Lyckstedt – Creative/planner
Einar Lindgren – Creative/producer
Sebastian Jansson – Distribution
Emily Asserbäck – Project manager

Work group at Spoon (Swedfund):
Meryem Can – Client Director
David Linder – Creative Director
Helena Kämpfe Fredén – Content Director
Gabriella Wiiala – Business Director