SOS Alarm wants to help Swedes become more brave

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Summertime means high season for accidents. Just before the holiday, SOS Alarm and Spoon are now launching a large digital campaign focusing on moral courage.

The basis for SOS Alarm’s new digital campaign “Modigare Sverige” is an IPSOS survey on Swedes and courage. The survey shows that only 5 percent think that the Swedish people have a large civilian courage, while 67 percent want more knowledge about how they should act in an emergency situation.

The campaign page features ten instructional films for how different types of emergency situations should be handled, and three campaign films that crack holes in the myth of your typical ‘hero’.

‘It’s exciting to make campaigns aimed at changing behaviour. In this campaign, we’ve taken a holistic approach and created relevant content on several levels from film in advertising to classic searchable content,’ says Helena Kämpfe Fredén, client director at Spoon.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with Oh My! and Trickle, who, like Spoon, are part of the agency network Real Agency Group (RAG).

In addition to the landing page, which is developed by Sublime, the campaign is also launched on all of SOS Alarm’s social media.

Work group
Helena Kämpfe Fredén, Client Director
Kristian Gustafsson, Creative Director
Philippa Magnusson, Creative Director
Sofia Edgren, Project Manager
Grace Ablorh, Project Manager
Linda Berkö Fagerlind, Project Manager/Editor
Henrik Kindgren, Director
Johan Sundbaum, Producer

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