Under the brand name Spoon Academy, the leading content agency in the nordic region will arrange content marketing training courses

Spoon Academy starts nordic training in content marketing

The content agency Spoon has started a new business venture. Under the brand name Spoon Academy, the agency will arrange content marketing training courses in the nordic market.

More and more companies are working with content marketing, and investment is growing every year. At the same time, the need for specific knowledge in order to succeed has grown. Spoon Academy will organise training courses for marketers at different levels, and at the same time host customised training for companies and organisations that want to work with content marketing.

“Spoon Academy is an ambitious initiative that we believe will be well received in the marketplace. Today we see a strong demand for training among both existing and new customers throughout the nordic countries,” says Björn Owen Glad, Head of Spoon Academy.

Started as internal training
Spoon Academy began as an internal training project in 2012, and has over the past two years branched out externally in the form of seminars, articles, newsletters, guides and lectures. Creating a new business area is now a natural next step, says Spoon CEO Anders Ribba.

“We are a leading player in Europe and our experts can be seen more often as speakers at international conferences on content marketing. This is a clear sign that we have knowledge that is worth spreading. We are happy to share the theories and models that enable our communication to be so successful. We want to see more companies succeed in content marketing.”

The first training courses will be held in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki in May and June 2016. Read more about the courses here.

Spoon Academy working group
Björn Owen Glad, Stockholm
Melker Forssén, Stockholm
Jonas Lyckstedt, Stockholm
Ole Krisian Bakkene, Oslo
Christopher Øyen, Oslo
Lena Barner-Rasmussen, Helsinki
Merete Pokorny, Gothenburg
Charlotte Frennesson, Malmö