Spoon awarded silver in “Gulltaggen 2020”

By 22nd June 2020 No Comments

A successful campaign with local ambassadors has made the high-end shopping centre CC Vest attractive for younger audiences. The influencer concept CC Westsiders was also awarded silver in this year’s Gulltaggen.

The centre management of CC Vest brought Spoon a challenge: Studies showed that young women viewed CC Vest as somewhat dull and conventional. Therefore, extensive work was initiated to renew the store selection and refurbishing existing store concepts. At the same time, CC Vest wanted to look at how they could pinpoint communication even more targeted towards women aged 18-30.

– Our idea was to create the Instagram account CC Westsiders. Here we wanted to find local, fashion-interested and stylish girls who would create an inspiring channel appealing to local girls and young women, says Helene Kvernaas on Spoon’s CC Vest team.

The Spoon team looked, researched and auditioned until Madeleine L. Steensen (23), Kristine Winter (22), Helene Winter (25) and Martine Akersveen (22) were chosen. They post inspirational content from the stores at CC Vest daily.

More important than the award, is the fact that centre management and stores are reporting an increase in customer volume. “Together with the other measures we have taken to reach the target group, this has worked very well. We receive positive feedback from customers and stores,” says marketing manager Heidi J. Larsen.

Sandra Degrassi is the store manager for Ambiente. She sees results when CC Westsiders have been in her store and chosen outfits.

– They are good at picking great items, and I am always delighted when they take pictures with our garments. We do a lot on Instagram ourselves and have gained many more followers since CC Westsiders came along, says Degrassi.

The team behind CC Vest at Spoon is client director Hans Havdal, distribution experts and content producers Helene Kvernaas and Alexandra Bonnier, as well as content producer and project manager Eirin Hagstrøm.

– It feels great to be recognized for something you have put a lot of work into. Besides, we are fortunate to work with inspiring girls with an appeal to the target group. We give them a great deal of credit for the concept being such a great success, concludes Helene Kvernaas.