Content agency Spoon partner with Infunnel, and is creating an attractive offering in marketing automation and content marketing.

Spoon invests in marketing automation

The combination of strategic content marketing and advanced lead generation has proved successful. Now Bonnier-owned content agency Spoon has become a partner in Infunnel, and has together created an attractive total offering in this field.

Marketing automation is growing rapidly in the Nordic market. More and more companies are investing in automated lead generation and inbound marketing to connect and automate their marketing and sales. The fuel behind this automated marketing is content marketing.

Today there is a growing need for skills and expertise in these areas. The collaboration between Spoon and Infunnel meets a large demand in the market.

“The developments within marketing automation are very exciting and our joint offering has already got a good grip on the market. Our services complement each other and make this a natural investment for us,” says Anders Ribba, CEO of Spoon.

Infunnel has quickly established itself among the most skilled consulting companies within marketing automation, and Spoon and Infunnel already have several joint customers. Both Spoon and Infunnel deliver vital parts of these companies’ focus on automated lead generation.

Johan Sjöberg from Spoon and Jerker Hörstedt from Infunnel will now pursue this business, with the ambition to have the strongest competitive offer for the Nordic market when it comes to marketing automation.

“Together we can now offer creative automated solutions that reinforce our ambition to build and operate the communication on the recipients’ conditions. We have experienced substantial growth and demand in 2015 with several strong cases. All indications are that the years ahead will continue in the same direction,” says Johan Sjöberg, Business Development & Sales at Spoon.

Spoon is the leading content agency in the Nordic region and is now a partner in Infunnel.

“We have worked together in various configurations for several years and we are now seeing strong growth. Our offer will be even stronger with the help of Spoon, both as a partner but also as an important part of the business,” says Jerker Hörstedt, partner and account manager at Infunnel.

Would you like to know more? Please contacts Johan Sjöberg at Spoon or Jerker Hörstedt at Infunnel.