Spoon levels up its partnership with :Part

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The inclusive talent network :Part continues to grow and with it our partnership. Together we will find new value creating collaborations in 2021.

Spoon has been a proud partner of SthlmOp since 2015, supporting students and talents from Stockholm’s suburbs every summer. We’ve learned so much from our young talents and hopefully we have inspired some of them to join the creative world of communication.

As for many of us, SthlmOp’s operations were turned upside down in 2020 and the pandemic forced them to look for new solutions. SthlmOp became :Part and during the autumn they expanded the team from 7 to 27 people. The talent network grew, big time.

So, now it’s time to level up and take the next step in our partnership with :Part, to open up new ways for a young generation of creators with different backgrounds.

“We have been involved since the summer-job-project SthlmOp started, so it feels fantastic to be able to expand the partnership. We look forward to exchanging even more talents and young skills. It is both urgent and important for us as a company,” says Meryem Can Bolin, Business Director Sustainability & Diversity at Spoon.

Last year’s team from SthlmOp and one of the mentors, Jessica Johansson, Content Director at Spoon (second from right).

Collaborations during 2021 are planned in the form of internships, mentorships and joint activities. But Spoon and :Part has already found great ways to work together during the autumn. Together with our client Rekryteringsmyndigheten, Spoon has had a mission to motivate the country’s young people to enlist for military service. This project is a great example of how talents from :Part can help us gain valuable insights about a specific target group.

“Thanks to their diverse network of young people, we have received important input to our insight work in both quantitative and qualitative surveys. The results have given us valuable knowledge about what today’s young people think and feel about conscription and defense. This is something that in the long run will help us produce better and more relevant communication for the target group,” says Helena Kämpe Fredén, Client Director at Spoon.

Johnny Ly, CEO at :Part, believes that we all have a role to play in creating change. He is positive about 2021 and hopes for new exciting ways to work together.

“We are grateful for the continued collaboration with Spoon and excited about the synergies that exist, and those that are still unexplored. Over the years, Spoon has always been among the most appreciated places and people by both talent and the team and continues to play an important role in paving the way for the next generation of creators and communicators,” he says.


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