Spoon opens office by ‘the port of the Arctic Ocean’

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The content marketing industry is growing steadily. The pan-European content agency is now opening an office in Tromso, Northern Norway, a city often called ‘the port of the Arctic Ocean’. 

Spoon celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has offices in London, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmo, and Helsinki. Together, Spoon employs nearly 200 people.

‘Content marketing will continue to grow steadily in the coming years. We work just as well with communications departments as we do with marketing departments, and we use tools from both camps to reach the customer’s goals. We want to be where it happens. Northern Norway is an exciting marketplace, which we’ve been looking at for a while, and we want to invest’, says Spoon Oslo’s Agency Director, Marte Ramborg.

Moving home after 18 years

Proximity to clients is important, so when one of Spoon’s employees decided to move back to Tromso after living in Oslo and abroad for 18 years, they saw it as a perfect opportunity to open an office in Northern Norway.

‘We were in a bit of a shock when Stine said she had decided to leave us. We did not want to let go of her, so we simply decided to establish Spoon Tromso. It became a win-win situation’, says Ramborg.

Stine Eriksen is a trained journalist and has been working for six years at TV 2, before joining Spoon. She has worked as the editor for one of Spoon Norway’s largest clients and will now head the Tromso office.

‘It’s great to be home again! I am very pleased that Spoon dares to bet on Northern Norway and I’m certain there are great opportunities here. A lot of good content is already being made. Nevertheless, it’s quite clear that many businesses struggle to cut through the noise and they don’t achieve what they want with their content. I want us to be a part of changing that’, says Stine.

Will help Northern Norwegian businesses achieve their goals

Several agencies in the city offer content marketing services, and many companies make good content themselves. Still, Stine thinks there’s room for an agency.

‘More companies are using content marketing in order to cut through the noise of social media, and to reach their audiences. To succeed, they need good and effective communication solutions. I’m sure Spoon can help raise awareness of more Northern Norwegian businesses, and help them achieve their goals’.

Spoon Tromso will offer strategy, concept and idea development, content and editorial management, video and distribution services.

Spoon Tromso will host a free breakfast seminar on September 14th, where you can learn more about content marketing, and video production and distribution for social media.

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