Spoon scores big at CMA Awards

By 4th December 2020 No Comments

Spoon won four awards in the prestigious international CMA Awards 2020 in London – four wins out of four nominations.

Together with the customer Sandvik Coromant, Spoon Stockholm was nominated in four categories in the CMA Awards 2020, and won in all four, in tough competition:
Gold – Best use of Social Media B2B
Silver – Best B2B Campaign
Bronze – Best Content Campaign
Bronze – Best Video Individual

Spoon was competing with a global campaign made to promote Sandvik Coromant’s launch of a new line of drills, the CoroDrill DS20, their most important launch in years.

The task from Sandvik Coromant was a challenge, in two ways: to reach a super wide target group – literally everyone in manufacturing making holes, all over the world – with something entirely new for the industry, and support conversion.

“Our strength is our strategical line of thinking, our high level of creativity and skills. But on top of that, our long and close relation with the customer Sandvik Coromant,” says account manager Christina Hoffmann.

Together with among others, Johan Jackson, Senior Content Marketing Specialist, and Klas Franevik, Content Marketing Film Strategist, at Sandvik Coromant, the team at Spoon could create a concept and communication that struck a chord with the target group.

“Thanks to 15 years of collaborating with Sandvik Coromant, we not only know them well, but we also know their customers. Both the customer, and their customers, are dedicated engineers, and we managed to capture that essence of passion in the articles, videos and not the least social media posts we created,” says Christina Hoffmann.

“The launch of CoroDrill DS20 was a project that engaged many, both at Sandvik Coromant and at Spoon. Thanks to our collaborative efforts and the combination of a new innovative product and a dedicated team who really wanted to create something new and different that would make an impact, the result was nothing but a success,” says Johan Jackson.

Campaign team at Spoon:
Account Manager – Christina Hoffmann
Creative Director – Niklas Thulin
Video Producer – Lars-Petter Steen
Editor – Henrik Emilson

New Account Manager and contact: Samir Akhmedov.