Spoon teams up with Coglode to teach applied behavioural science

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Communications agency Spoon and UK-based Coglode join forces to help brands and organisations use applied behavioural science with unique methods.

Roxy Borowska and Jerome Ribot, Founders of Coglode

In a data-driven marketing world, human behaviours often get reduced to numbers in spreadsheets and dashboards. To truly understand how marketing messages get across, and to design them better, marketers today need to understand the basic principles of behavioural science. Spoon will now introduce Coglode’s unique method and toolkit for applied behavioural science in the Nordics.

“Coglode’s tool, called “Nuggets”, is like a deck of cards, where each card presents one specific behavioural insight and explains how to use it. After just one day of training, you can start designing your products, services or marketing messages in a much more effective way. Without reading a single piece of academic literature. It’s fantastic”, says Björn Owen Glad, Global Brand Manager at Spoon.

Coglode analyses and distils behavioural science research, and uses it to give professionals practical behavioural tools and techniques delivered through world-leading training. Launched in April 2016, they have worked with individuals and brands such as Spotify, Google and Apple to teach them how to bring behavioural insights into their work. They have also worked with the UK government’s Behavioural Insights Team, who praised and highly recommended the programme.

A perfect match
Forming this partnership will allow Coglode to focus on finding, distilling and building out its framework of behavioural insights along with brand new case studies, tools and methods that show how to apply them artfully to help people make better decisions.

“We’d been looking for a smart partner for a while who could do three things: first, exhibit a strong understanding of the complicated nuances that underpin our decision-making; second, to combine these with the critical soft skills around emotional design; and third, be able to apply behavioural change at significant scale in the real world”, says Jerome Ribot at Coglode.

“In Spoon, we’ve found that partner. Through our many discussions, they’ve shown themselves to be highly articulate, able to handle behavioural contradictions, adopt the mindset of experimentation so vital to effective behaviour change, all with a creative flair that’s crucial in the behaviour change space. We’re very excited by the partnership.”

Spoon has six accredited Coglode trainers in the Nordics and the UK.

Spoon has six accredited trainers in the Nordics and the UK who will carry out training and consulting both in-person and online. The interest in applied behavioural science is enormous in the marketplace, and several companies have already shown interest in the workshops.

– Everyone knows and understands that behavioural science is the next big thing in marketing, but no one has the time to read the research and implement it. What Coglode and we do now is to offer a shortcut to effectiveness, without compromising the quality, says Björn Owen Glad.

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