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Sverige för UNHCR and Spoon unite in pro-bono-work

By 18th January 2021 No Comments

At Spoon, we like to pitch in whenever we can to do good in the world. Just in time for Christmas, an excellent opportunity came our way. The Swedish partner for the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, Sverige för UNHCR, asked us if we would like to work with them pro bono for a good cause – it was a no brainer.


To raise awareness regarding the refugee situation in the world, and to get people to donate money, UNHCR’s idea was to let 6 of Sweden’s most prominent actors read a scene together from the Oscar-winning Ingmar Bergman-movie Fanny and Alexander. The movie is a Christmas classic on Swedish television and is also usually one of the Christmas plays on The Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Because of the pandemic, the reading had to take place on Zoom. Now UNHCR needed help to broadcast it on Sverige för UNHCR’s Facebook site and the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter’s site for their subscribers.

Spoon’s assignment was to solve the broadcast/recording as well as other smaller technical stuff. It might sound like an easy task. But the time to whip up the best technique and the best team was short. To solve it Spoon worked together with Gabardin, a company from the agency network People People People, and decided to make a live-on-tape recording. The technique doesn’t give much room for editing. But since the production team are true professionals, it all worked out fine.

The reading was broadcast on the evening of 21th of December 2020. The participating actors were Lena Endre, Thomas Hanzon, Marie Göranzon, Ingela Olsson, Ardalan Esmaili, Livia Millhagen and Adam Pålsson. Director Stefan Larsson was also on board to direct them.

Watch the reading from Fanny and Alexander here.