Take a look at Spoon’s new graphic identity

Scandinavia’s largest content agency is changing visual identity for the new year. Demand increased for a new graphic profile in the light of rapidly expanding business and with several newly established offices throughout the Nordic region.

“Spoon has made a very exciting journey from a three-man company in an old milk store to a large communications agency with operations throughout the Nordic region and the whole world as its market. We are growing and evolving, and therefore it is natural that our visual identity also develops,” says Melker Forssén, Chief Creative Director at Spoon.

Since 2014, Spoon has had a new internal brand platform. This is now manifested visually.

“Moreover, it is a tradition at Spoon to change our ‘look’. This is the fifth-generation identity since our inception in 1998,” says Melker Forssén.

The largest of the new graphic profiles is the hand-drawn logo created in partnership with the French typographer and calligrapher Claire Coullon. She was commissioned to create a handmade “word-picture” with a personal and warm expression. This work was carried out in close collaboration with David Linder, creative director at Spoon in Stockholm and responsible for the overall re-design of the graphic identity.

“Claire is an amazing artist with a wonderful craftsmanship and a great and attentive mind for what we were looking for. I have rarely worked with such a thoroughbred professional. The entire working process with Claire has been amazing, fun and very instructive,” says David Linder, creative director at Spoon in Stockholm.

Spoon has also updated the company website with a new look, new features and new content. All this is now gathered in the new domain www.spoonagency.com.

“Our new site is the hub of our communication, and an important part of Spoon’s ambition to become a major international player. Our goal is to become a strong European voice in the ongoing conversation about communication in general and content marketing in particular. We will continually publish articles, short films, guides and other material that can help to develop and drive our industry forward. Our site will become an important resource for marketing professionals who are curious about, or working with, content marketing,” says Björn Owen Glad, Marketing Manager at Spoon.

Here you can see a short documentary about Claire Coullon, who has created Spoon’s new logo.