Behavioural Science

How to use behavioural insights

Behavioural science is a powerful tool that can help you understand human behaviours and design your products, services and communication to create positive change. Spoon has teamed up with Coglode to create this interactive workshop where you learn how to use applied behavioural science in your everyday work.

Spoon has accredited Coglode trainers in Stockholm, Oslo and London.

Workshop content

What you will learn

• Introduction to behavioural science and the power of behavioural research.
• Key best practices
• Introduction to Coglode Nuggets tools
• Introduction to the DO-IT process
• Real-world case studies
• Fun and interactive group exercises
• Tools to apply new knowledge and methods right away

Coglode Nuggets

What you will get

During the workshop, you will use the Coglode toolbox of Nuggets to design nudges based on behavioural insights.

We’re proud accredited partners of Coglode, and their Nuggets are a big reason why. The Nuggets accurately and accessibly distil the very latest behavioural science insights into practical bite-size chunks.

Our philosophy

What is a Spoon Workshop?

The Spoon learning philosophy is simple. We believe that real knowledge is reached by a combination of theory, practice and reflection. All our courses are designed to give you new insight, test it and reflect over the result.

All Spoon training can be carried out in-person, remote or as e-learning modules. All our workshops can be tailored to fit your needs.

Next step

How can we help?

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