Diversity & Inclusion

How to make a difference

The world is changing. And as it does so, we change with it. Can the same be said about your communication?
Does your company still work with the same old target group thinking? And do you distribute your content in the same old channels?

If so, your company might be missing the opportunity to reach new customers.
Unfortunately, there are people, many people, who are unable to identify with, or feel included in the messages that companies send out. Their purchasing power is enormous; it’s a shame to miss out.

Spoon has many years of experience working with a wide range of communication. Communication that reaches all the way to its intended target. We have developed a method that, right from the first planning phase, ensures that you reach where you want to go.

Workshop content

What you will learn

• Why diverse and inclusive communication is so important?
• How to transform your communication to attract new audiences.
• How to avoid common pitfalls.
• Create a diverse communication strategy
• Set goals
• Produce a variety of content

Our philosophy

What is a Spoon Workshop?

The Spoon learning philosophy is simple. We believe that real knowledge is reached by a combination of theory, practice and reflection. All our courses are designed to give you new insight, test it and reflect over the result.

All Spoon training can be carried out in-person, remote or as e-learning modules. All our workshops can be tailored to fit your needs.

Next step

How can we help?

We are eager to help you grow by designing learning experiences that will make an actual difference to your brand. Do you have any questions or enquiries? Please contact Johan Andersson, Managing Director.

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