Innovation & Creativity

How to stay ahead

Innovation and creativity are crucial for success. It helps you develop communication initiatives that make you stand out in the competition, and it gives you the opportunity to connect with a wider audience and make a greater impact. When ad fatigue and ad-blockers is a growing problem, innovation and creativity is the solution

This course provides you with the tools and strategies that you and your team need to become a truly creative and innovative force.

Workshop content

What you will learn

• How to define a problem
• Basic principles for leading innovation
• I DO A R T-methodology
• How to ask the right questions
• Structured idea generation
• The double diamond
• Creative methods

Our philosophy

What is a Spoon Workshop?

The Spoon learning philosophy is simple. We believe that real knowledge is reached by a combination of theory, practice and reflection. All our courses are designed to give you new insight, test it and reflect over the result.

All Spoon training can be carried out in-person, remote or as e-learning modules. All our workshops can be tailored to fit your needs.

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