Internal communication

How to create a common way forward

Today, all companies have probably thought about their why, their reason for being, and listed which cultural values build success for their particular company. Often this is presented as a nice text that lands on a desk or a coffee table in the lunchroom. Translating it into successful communication that builds your culture for real, and that helps your company both in success and adversity can be difficult. So what stories are important to tell?

Your company success does not only rely on your products or services. In many cases it is your people who are the most important asset. Sometimes, your talents ARE your brand. You need to make sure you all move in the same direction. That your best talents recognize themselves in the company's strategy and way forward, and that they feel they are important for the company's success.

Losing your talents is expensive. Better then to create a feeling that we have a common journey forward. Then the right message to the right person is an invaluable tool.
This is why you need internal communication that aligns with the company's challenges and successes.

Workshop content

What you will learn

• How to transform your cultural values into effective internal communication.
• Crisis communication.
• How to avoid common pitfalls.
• Create an internal communication strategy
• Set goals
• Secure stakeholder buy-in
• Produce a variety of content
• Distribute and Amplify

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