What was this project about?

With «The Dinner Guest»,  Norwegian grocery store KIWI asked their audience out on a virtual dinner date! With this campaign, they managed to get the attention of single people, and make them fall in love with KIWI’s products.

The challenge

KIWI, one of Norway’s leading grocery retail brands, was about to launch a new line of products. A series of products made for single households – simply put: Fish, meats and veggie burgers in single portion packages. No waste of food or money. But how would we get the attention of single people, and make them fall in love with KIWI’s products?

The solution

To create awareness around this new product, Spoon made a campaign that was conducted from January till March 2018.

We created «The Dinner Guest», a web page where you could have a virtual dinner date! Our audience could choose a character with a unique story to tell, and easily swipe between our characters. While eating, each character shared an engaging story about love, and after the date the character you had spent the most time with would appear alongside the recipe and grocery list for the dish the character was eating during the date.

All characters had dishes suited for their personalities.

To gain traffic to «The Dinner Guest» web page, we used short teasers on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, where our virtual characters were segmented to fit different parts of the target audience.
Retargeting posts also showed our characters interacting with the products.
We used Tinder to connect with the younger part of the target audience. Our ads in the app showed our characters, who would match with users, and send a personal message with the intention of creating conversion to the site. This also gave us press coverage, being one of the first Tinder campaigns of its kind in Norway.

The results

Sale figures in stores: In the aftermath of the campaign launch, close to 200 000 «Dinner Guest» packages were sold every week and resulted in a 3,5 million kroner/£323 000 turnover. Within week 16 the average turnover was 2,1 million kroner/£194.000 per week. Currently 120 000 packages are sold every week.

The sale of fish increased by 19.5% in January, which is approximately 30% of the entire «Dinner Guest» sale. Roughly 20% of all fish sold by KIWI is through «The Dinner Guest» packages.

KIWI has increased its fresh fish and pork sale shares considerably. Pork sale has increased by 2.1 percentage points in value and 0.7 percentage point in volume.

KIWI’s total growth was 0.4 percentage point.


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