What was the project about?

Public confidence in PostNord had plummeted. The company needed to find out why and how to remedy the situation.

The challenge

Mass media coverage had been very critical of PostNord, with barely a day passing when a negative story about the logistics company didn’t feature in the news channels. The main complaints were missing letters, long delivery times and broken packages. PostNord needed to address these fundamental issues, while also fixing their PR problem. Spoon was given the assignment to help rebuild the public’s confidence in the brand.

The solution

The solution came in the form of a native advertising campaign in two of Sweden’s biggest newspapers expressen.se and dn.se.

For Expressen, Spoon created a number of stories playing with the idea of the classic tabloid genres of crime and celebrity. While this was going on, the agency also created a stream of content to counter the bad news stories running elsewhere in the press.

These pieces delved into the reasons for the perceived problems, addressing public doubts and frustrations – something which was important to the success of the campaign.

The award-winning Bonnier News Brand Studio provided ongoing reports and optimised the articles in real-time, so that they appeared in the middle of news feeds.

The strategic approach of using native advertising to address the issues drew the attention of news outlets and industry publications, both in Sweden and broad.

The results

Since PostNord relates to all Swedes, everyone had an opinion – and the campaign was a success. PostNord discovered that being close to the news flow impacted the number of page views, the reading time, and – most importantly – people’s confidence levels.

When a survey was done post-campaign, 15 per cent claimed that their confidence in the company had increased. Furthermore, due to word of mouth this positivity spread beyond the initial 500,000 Swedes touched by the content. The high quality of the sponsored articles contributed to the increased level of trust.

On the whole, Spoon, Bonnier News Brand Studio and PostNord showed that insight-driven comms mixed with a native advertising approach worked to gain the public’s trust – even for a company under scrutiny. The campaign succeeded through the use of clever content, smart channel choices and well-timed releases managed to increase public confidence.


After reading the sponsored articles, 15 per cent claimed their confidence in PostNord has increased.


The page views on Expressen increased by 163 per cent on average, while the reading time went up by 16 per cent.

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