Strategic PR

How to build relations

In a time where traditional media is in crisis, and ad fatigue is increasing, your strategic PR becomes a question of survival. But what is strategic PR in 2020?

Public relations is all about relations. Crucial for all relations is to be present, to care and show empathy. To keep a relation, you need to nurture it. The days when a brand could do a commercial or campaign and be remembered are long gone.

You need to repeat your message each day and in all channels to cut through the noise. And you need to be relevant and create actual value for your audience. We believe that successful PR derives from a foundation of relevant content.

At Spoon, we have experience from the largest news desks in the Nordics, combined with a strong content marketing mindset. This workshop gives you the tools you need to build a strategic PR plan.

Workshop content

What you will learn

• Content as a vehicle for PR
• Business- and brand strategy
• Internal communication
• Media relations
• Media- and message training
• PR in crisis
• Project management - how to make your PR effective
• Digital strategy and activation

Our philosophy

What is a Spoon Workshop?

The Spoon learning philosophy is simple. We believe that real knowledge is reached by a combination of theory, practice and reflection. All our courses are designed to give you new insight, test it and reflect over the result.

All Spoon training can be carried out in-person, remote or as e-learning modules. All our workshops can be tailored to fit your needs.

Next step

How can we help?

We are eager to help you grow by designing learning experiences that will make an actual difference to your brand. Do you have any questions or enquiries? Please contact Johan Andersson, Managing Director.

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