Social media

Social media is the given arena for all advertisers, regardless of industry. But breaking through the noise is not easy. It takes strategy and planning in combination with creative execution to make exceptional content.


Before we create, we need to know why

Our team of strategists combine data-driven analysis with research. This results in thorough insights related to your current brand positioning, in combination with what you actually want to achieve. What should you do, how and when, with what kind of content? Who do you want to reach? Are there any KPI’s?

So many questions, but hey, this is our expertise. Large or small, long or short, we’ll create a solid strategy for your social media channels.


Creative storytelling

No matter what we do, creativity is at the center of it all. We’ll tell your story through any kind of digital avenue. Inspired by big challenges, or small tasks, we’ll help you do and say something different. Why? You might ask. Well, we know what works on social media, and we’ll help you with everything from creating a punchy concept to animating a cheeky ad. Put short: our end goal is always to make a difference.


Born in the digital age

We offer a full-service solution fueled by the latest trends and creative collaborations. We’ll help you manage your accounts, publish content, and lead and execute your next campaign. Do you want us to find and handle your influencer collaborations as well? Not a problem. We are dedicated to tell true stories and showing upfront results. By finding the right influencer, we’ll create the greatest possible value for both your audience – and your brand. In other words, a win win.

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Yrla Persson

Business Director

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Helena Thomson

Business Director, Digital Media