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The 2021-way to be sustainable.

All communication today needs to relate to a sustainable future. That is the only way to stay relevant in 2021 – and in the long run, to stay in business. We help our customers to create positive change through insights-driven communication and strategy. For better businesses and a better world.

Meryem Can Bolin
Business Director, Stockholm

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Agneta Löfgren
Business Director, Gothenburg

Tel: +46 76 525 19 67
E-post: agneta.lofgren@spoon.se


A guide to becoming an impact-driven company, with the help of great stories

By | Guides, Sustainability

Sustainability is clearly on everybody’s mind. But how can you take sustainability to the next level in your business? And integrate your sustainability approach in your communication plan? This guide will go through the crucial process in choosing your most important sustainability issues. It will help you find your core story so you can make a big impact – both for your brand and the world at large.

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