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How do you cut through the noise in such a noisy world? We think that the strongest voices are not necessarily the ones that shout the loudest, but rather the ones that feel real. This might also explain why many of our clients have stayed with us for years (read: decades). Today, we’re more than 100 passionate colleagues across the Nordics helping brands cut through that noise authentically.


How it started

We all have a past and we are particularly proud of ours: editorial expertise since 1998. Spoon was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Melker Forssén, Anders Ribba and Håkan Johansson. Back then, print publications were the most important channel, and we were on a mission to create client magazines with “newsstand value”.

Over the years, Spoon grew from three to five to nearly 150 employees, and as new platforms emerged, our offering grew. We were early adopters of content marketing – amongst the first in Sweden – and in 2014 we acquired a competitor, Tidningskompaniet. The merger turned us into one of the largest, award-winning communications agencies in the country.

Our journalistic heritage has given us an edge when it comes to shaping the well-told, authentic stories that remain at the core of Spoon yet today. And, in our opinion, that is also what continues to bring brands and people closer together.

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Stuff we believe in

We live by the idea that great trust, begets great ideas. By “great trust” we mean, trust in ourselves, in each other and in our clients. On such a solid foundation, with mutual understanding, creativity can flourish. That’s also where our courage can grow; the courage to stand up for what we believe in, step outside of our comfort zone, and challenge our clients to do the same. We go the extra mile to achieve the best results, a process that requires humility, curiosity and constant learning. Every challenge is an opportunity for success – a success we share with our clients.

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We are a part of a big family

Spoon has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We are also located outside of the country’s borders: Oslo, Tromsø and London. Spoon is a part of the agency group, People People People (PPP), which gives us direct access to several agencies with unique expertise. The founders, Melker Forssén and Anders Ribba continue to work within Spoon and PPP.

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Meet our CEO

Spoon is a strategic and creative communications agency. But that’s not all. Behind every delivery is an absolutely fantastic group of people who uplift and cheer each other and our clients on. It never ceases to impress me – and that’s what makes my role as CEO a great privilege.
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