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At Spoon, we believe that the most powerful content comes from the real world. We use reality-based storytelling to help our clients reach their audience in a way that is engaging, effective and tangible.

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The first content marketing study in the Nordics

This is the first content marketing study conducted in the Nordics. It offers a snapshot of content marketing trends in northern Europe.

Volvo Trucks vs. Koenigsegg

Volvo Trucks vs. Koenigsegg was not just a great race. It was a great content marketing campaign.

What we do

  • We find out everything about your target audience. We analyse behaviours, channels, brands, traffic sources, messages and trends. Our insights lead to concrete plans of action for creating effective communications.
  • We believe reality will always trump fiction. The stories we tell come from the real world of our clients. They entertain, inspire and lead to change.
  • It’s not over once when you push the publish button – that’s when the real work begins. We track, measure and analyse the results to make sure you get the best possible return from our content.

How can we help?

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