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Changing young Swedes’ image of Finland

How the Finnish Embassy reached young people on TikTok & Youtube

Can you talk about topics such as AI, source criticism and EQ with a young target group on TikTok and YouTube – and get the desired results? Sure you can. Provided that you produce the right content for the target group – and the platform.

The challenge

The Embassy of Finland in Stockholm wanted to refresh young Swedes’ image of Finland based on the country’s recognized leadership in subjects such as AI, source criticism, and emotional intelligence (EQ). But how do you make a young target group on TikTok and YouTube stop to view a video about that?


To make anyone care, we knew it would be better that someone else than the Embassy of Finland talk about Finland’s expertise in these subjects. Based on the insight that AI, source criticism, and EQ actually are subjects that young Fins learn about in school, we created the campaign “Finnish standards” – going for the “show, don’t tell” model.

"Spoon understood our challenge and delivered a campaign that really felt right for the target audience and was visually appropriate. We succeeded in something that many authorities struggle with: reaching a young target group with important social information about future challenges around technology, information influence and relationships".

– Elna Nykänen, Press and Cultural Councellor at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm

The solution

We gave a young Finland-Swedish girl the task of walking around Stockholm, showing how much she knew compared to Swedes. We managed to create recognition among the target group, while the videos became both entertaining and educational. To make the videos eye-catching and to add a playful tone, we also used hand-drawn graphics that moved the film forward and made the content easier to absorb.

The results

Aiming to create awareness, the campaign strategy was to expose the target group to the content sequentially – first with a short teaser and then with increasingly extensive content. On average, the campaign had a completion rate of 21 percent – proof that the target group found the content both engaging and interesting.


Views on TikTok


Video views on Youtube


Video views 75% on Youtube


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Hannah Sjöström

Client Director

hannah.sjostrom@spoon.se +4673 033 68 09

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