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Bringing people & brands together

In short: We help our clients succeed, one creative solution at a time. The long version: We do everything along the entire customer journey – from strategy to distribution. Along the way, we are observant, proactive and enjoy exploring new, unchartered territory together. The shortest version: We create stories that matter.

Analysis & strategy

Good communication is no coincidence. Before developing any creative ideas or concepts, we gather the insights to create a clear direction for success. But most importantly, if you can’t implement a strategy in practice, is it really strategic at all? We help our clients make smarter moves through actionable strategies that are easy to implement throughout any organization. 

Communication & marketing

We specialize in a wide range of communication and marketing services to create a lasting impact and deeper connection with your audience. From content marketing that builds trust to internal communication that fosters employee engagement, we have a proven track record of delivering results. We move seamlessly between print and digital formats, offering a holistic approach to communication that integrates the best of both worlds.

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Visual branding & design

We believe that great design goes beyond aesthetics; it serves a purpose, whether it’s simplifying complexity, inspiring action, or driving purchases. Our experienced team of graphic designers, art directors, brand developers, illustrators, 3D creators, and creative directors seamlessly adapt to various distribution channels, ensuring that your brand stands out in today’s digital landscape.

Social media & influencer marketing

Achieving social media success is essential for all industries, but standing out and making an impact isn’t always easy. So, how do we do it? It’s about having strategists, creatives, paid campaign experts, and the occasional influencer on board. That’s our winning formula. We’re motivated by data-driven insights, tangible results, and watching brands flourish. Let’s make it happen together.

Digital strategy & SEO

As an SEO partner, we go way beyond links and generic content. Our SEO specialists are guaranteed to take your content to the next level in search engine rankings. Drawing from our editorial background, our digital strategists prioritize user-centric content, aligning with Google’s latest algorithm updates. Our approach has always been to exceed expectations, and this holds true for SEO and digital strategy, too.

Video production & motion design

Looking to evoke a tear or a laugh? Few things beat the power of video when it comes to converting your message engagingly and effectively. Video captivates and resonates, whether it’s a quick social media clip or a deep-dive corporate film. From 3D, motion design, and creative concepts we integrate video strategically to simplify complex ideas. Our team of experienced video producers, animators and motion designers work scalably, independent of platform.

Employer branding

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent demands a strong and relevant employer brand. At Spoon, we bring extensive experience in insight-driven employer branding, offering a deep understanding of both labor market dynamics and authentic employer branding initiatives that will make your employer brand resonate with the right talent, and soar.

Inhouse solutions

Building inhouse marketing and communication departments has grown exponentially the past few years. But, for many companies, focusing on core business means that developing a strong inhouse agency is a job that can easily end up half-done. That’s where Spoon Inhouse comes in. We are a full-service operation for staffing and other inhouse offerings, ensuring your marketing and communication activities run like a well-oiled machine. Depending on your needs, we can build an inhouse department from scratch, staff and strengthen your current one and even take over the complete operation of your inhouse department.

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130 coworkers in the Nordics (and UK)

When we start a new collaboration, we assemble a bespoke team that can solve your unique challenge. Exactly which competencies are needed varies depending on the nature of the assignment. Strategists, editors, social media managers, content experts, copywriters and designers work at Spoon. Most problems we can solve on our own. But if help is needed, we collaborate with our sister agencies within the PPP network where additional specialist expertise is available. We have four offices in the Nordics and one in London.

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