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Kia Story - the customer magazine that builds relationships

How to build a strong relationship with your customers

Kia is the fastest-growing car brand in Sweden. Since 2008, Spoon has produced Kia’s customer magazine, Kia Story, and it has been integral to strengthening the bond between the company and its customers.

The challenge

In 2021, Kia Motors underwent a global brand repositioning. From a car manufacturer, Kia was to evolve into a supplier of sustainable mobility services. It was a change that encompassed everything from Kia’s product line to its marketing. Spoon was assigned to encapsulate this evolution in Kia Story. It was a task more ambitious than just adjusting the look and feel to the new brand guidelines. The real challenge was to both inform the reader about Kia’s new journey and maintain the feel of a premium lifestyle magazine they had come to expect.

The solution

Working closely together with Kia Sweden’s marketing department, Spoon produced a completely new concept for the magazine. Everything, from design to content, was to reflect the car ownership of today and in the future. Since many customers who buy an electrical or charging hybrid from Kia don’t have a previous relationship with the brand, the magazine needed to greet them and still feel relevant for long-term Kia owners too.

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Spoon is always professional and they manage to capture the right tone for our brand, highlight relevant content and package it in an equally professional and attractive way – whether it’s in print or digital. The smooth collaboration is based on a great understanding, not least for the rapid transformation to electric and sustainable mobility that Kia is driving in the automotive industry.

– David Lilja, PR Manager, Kia Sweden

The results

The final product was a magazine so well put together that it was hard to put down. The reactions were consistently positive, from customers and dealers alike. Several readers even got in touch with Kia just to applaud the new and improved Kia Story.

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