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Building Skanskas reputation and attracting the best

Skanska – attracting the best

When Skanska wanted to attract skilled project managers and engineers, they asked Spoon to help out. But how do you attract the best of the best?

The challenge

Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction companies and constantly needs to attract experienced project managers and specialists. These persons usually have long experience and often a high barrier to changing employers.

Skanska engaged Spoon to build a communications strategy to enable it to attract attention and build its reputation with the demanding target group of experienced and skilled project managers and engineers. Campaign objectives included encouraging the group to share their contact information with Skanska’s recruiters and to come away with a positive impression of the company – an employer that wants its employees to develop and grow.

Through extensive research, we got to know the target group better. We dug deep into what they find essential and appealing and identified drivers to make them consider a job change. We cross-checked our hypotheses through both internal and external in-depth interviews with target group representatives.

We also considered it critical to create a process for working with Skanska’s employee value proposition. Together with Group management, working teams and reference teams at Skanska, we developed an updated employee value proposition, laying the foundation for the communication concept. The concept was based on Skanska’s high ambitions for their employees, the communities where they build and the global environment. Skanska sets its goals high and is willing to go the extra mile. And now they need to attract more people that want the same thing.

The solution

We created awareness in the industry and among candidates with an eye-catching video promoted through targeted digital distribution. The video was designed to make the viewer stop and take interest. It included spectacular imagery, original music based on building site noise and bold copywriting. From here, we led candidates to a rich content universe on the campaign site vivilmer.no, ‘We want more’, where the target group could learn more and register their interest in working with Skanska.

At vivilmer.no, the target group met people they could relate to, with testimonials of what working at Skanska is like and how it aligns with what the target group wants. These employee portraits also allowed us to show what the target group is most attracted to – unique and ambitious construction projects.

The results

The campaign site got more than 40,000 page views with more than two minutes average reading time within the first campaign period. And the landing page has received the awards “Honors” and “Mobile Excellence Award” from Awwwards for strategy, creativity, design and user-friendliness.

In the first seven-week campaign period Skanska has received 266 contact forms. As many as one-third of the candidates are very relevant. Skanska immediately started a dialogue with more than 20 candidates who expressed their interest through the campaign.

In 2021, Skanska achieved its best ranking ever in the Universum survey of most attractive employers. They made a steep climb, and surpassed all competitors. Among engineers and scientists, the company is ranked as number nine, making them the best contractor on the list.

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Best ranked contractor in Universum's survey of most attractive employers


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Maria Biesterfeldt

Agency Director Stockholm

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