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Preem helps their customers making the right choice

Little things, big difference

When Preem wanted to remind car owners of the everyday things that can be of great importance, they went to Spoon for ideas.

The challenge

After a year with unusually few marketing activities, Preem found itself in need of being in the spotlight again in the spring of 2021. As Preem’s content marketing agency, Spoon was commissioned to run a campaign for web TV and social media, as well as for Preem’s own channels and stations. The aim of the campaign was to contribute to a positive attitude towards the brand and to reverse the negative trend of lost advertising revenue and reduced spontaneous awareness. The campaign should also feel relevant, have a twinkle in the eye and create benefit for the target group.


The campaign built on insights from the content strategy that Spoon previously developed for Preem, and which today contributes to strategic management for Preem’s content work. In the Little Things, Big Difference campaign, Spoon paid particular attention to the following two insights from the content strategy:

1. Preem’s target group wants to make the right choice.

2. Environment and sustainability are important for both Preem and the target group.

The solution

Spoon developed a creative idea, concept and message for the campaign “Little Things, Big Difference”. The idea was a hidden camera setup where the popular former skier Gunde Svan, who is Preem’s poster name, surprises visitors at a Preem station with facts about three subject areas related to driving and car ownership – tyre pressure, car washing and the importance of taking a break when driving long distances. Spoon’s cameras filmed both Gunde Svan and the people’s reactions.

The campaign was filmed during pandemic times in April 2021. It was therefore important for Gunde Svan to keep his distance according to current restrictions while interacting with visitors. At the same time, it was important for Spoon to find a concept that would not feel dated after the pandemic when the restrictions were lifted (face masks, therefore, were not an option). Spoon solved this by letting Gunde Svan communicate with signs with short messages.

Spoon’s delivery consisted of a main film of 1 minute and 20 seconds, as well as three 15-second films and three 6-second films. These were supplemented with three films of about 50 seconds where Gunde Svan gives concrete tips about car ownership and driving.

The results

Targets were set using benchmark from similar campaigns and we were happy to see that Little Things Big Difference met all goals – sometimes with a marked over achievement.

On Facebook, Little Things Big Difference achieved 3 120 494 impressions compared to an estimated 2 500 000 and it reached a CPM level of 32.05 SEK which is well below the benchmark of 50 SEK.

And on Youtube a brand-attitude study conducted after the campaign showed that Little Things Big Differenc affected those who were exposed to the films. The study gave a positive-brand-value increase of over 10%, which can be considered very good (benchmark 7%) The average completion rate for the films on Youtube was also was also above all expectations – 92,3% compared to KPI that was 60%.

And while this was an awareness campaign, we were surprised to see how many clicked through from Youtube to the web site to see more. The campaign had a click-through rate of 0.20% and is well above the benchmark (0,02%).

And most importantly, the campaign managed to turn the negative trend for knowledge and attitudes towards the brand from the beginning of 2021, into positive ones. The Preem brand funnel showed for instance that the unaided brand awareness, which had decreased by 4% to 58% in the beginning of the year, increased by 2% to 60% after the campaign.



Impressions (Facebook)


Average completion rate (YouTube)


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Per Johnsson

Client Director

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