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Challenges concerning content ownership, governance and responsibilities are not always easy nuts to crack. But there are editorial ways of working that can help align content planning with a joint, cross-departmental strategy.

The challenge

Axis Communications has a number of departments planning and producing content based on their strategic agenda.

They needed to improve their processes and understanding of the benefits of aligned content planning – from the central organization to all regions and markets. There was also a need for a clearer connection between markets insights and content production to better support the full customer journey.


The solution

A new way of working editorially was implemented to centralize the strategic initiation, planning and production of content.

Operating as a news desk, Axis Communications could plan and produce aligned content with a mutual agenda: to support specific steps of the customer journey and to build an audience over time. The news desk solution included annual planning with a new meeting structure, new roles and an aligned content calendar and new, analytic tools.


The results

Since Axis Communications’ central organization started to work like a news desk, the different departments share a common strategy and planning.

Today, the content and channels owners are more aligned, relying on an effective process for the annual planning as well as the day-to-day production of content. The markets get easier access to campaigns and editorial content that suit their specific needs and the overall markets goals.


An annual plan

Axis’ marketing actions were aligned and planned on an annual basis. The actions are shared in a content calendar.


New roles

The Content and Channels owners are responsible for content planning and ensuring it reflects Axis’ overall marketing goals.


More efficient process

More result driven content planning, production and a new meeting structure making sure that the right people are informed.

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Sanna Kindmark

Agency Director Gothenburg & Malmö