Celebrating "Hesa Fredrik"

Balloons and singing from the Swedish Radio Choir at high altitude – this is how "Hesa Fredrik" and the Swedish public message system attracted attention when Spoon was commissioned to create a birthday film.

The challenge

For 90 years, Hesa ​​Fredrik – the signal that sounds from strategically placed loudspeakers around the country – has been sending test signals on the first non-holiday Monday of each quarter. To draw attention to the anniversary of Sweden's warning system, SOS Alarm, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and Swedish Radio commissioned Spoon for the creation of a film for distribution in the clients' own channels.

The challenge was to spread information about the warning system to the Swedish people in a playful and different way.


The solution

The creative idea for the film was based on the fact that the test signal has already been personified by the name Hesa ​​Fredrik. And, of course, a person who turns ninety deserves a special birthday celebration with song and balloons. We aimed high and hired Sweden's most prominent choir, the Swedish Radio Choir, to give the congratulations.


The results

The short film shows how members of the Swedish Radio Choir climb up on a roof where they sing Yes, May You Live (the traditional Swedish birthday song) to Hesa ​​Fredrik, who in the final scene responds with his characteristic roar. The film was picked up by the industry press, engaged many viewers and got a lot of praise and love from fans of Hesa ​​Fredrik on social media.

The purpose of the film is to spread information about the warning system, plus, of course, to celebrate the birthday. Spoon took good care of the assignment from concept to final delivery. It was a warm and fitting tribute to Hesa Fredrik that all involved were very pleased with.
Jenny Friberg, Communication strategist, SOS Alarm

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Helena Kämpfe Fredén

Senior Strategist