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Can ads on social media get people talking about something as common as a hair and barber salon? Absolutely, particularly if the applicable target group is exposed to relevant content. And that’s also how we helped GRO Hair and Beard increase their online booking in the middle of the pandemic.

The Challenge

When the pandemic hit in spring 2020, Gro Hair & Beard, a hair salon and barber in Gothenburg, had to find new ways to attract customers and to book more appointments online. Their goal was to increase brand awareness and become "top of mind" when it was time for their target group to get a haircut. Not the easiest task when there are literally hair salons around every corner. So, how did we solve it? By using nostalgia, actually.


The primary target group for GRO are men on their way to becoming middle aged, 35+ years old, who consider themselves to be style conscious and have an interest in pop culture. In this target group, we found one really important insight – there is a connection between retro aesthetics and those who grow beards.

With this insight in mind, we developed a creative concept based on the aesthetics and function of old video games that would tug at the hearts of the target group. We transformed each employee into a video game character to let the customer choose which Street Stylist they wanted to get a treatment from; just like when they would pick their favorite character in the classic video games of their youth. Did it work? You bet it did!


The content was distributed on Facebook and Instagram and generated approximately 500,000 ad impressions across 150,000 unique users. If the budget would have allowed, distribution would also have taken place on Snapchat and TikTok.

During the campaign period, 189 bookings were generated at a very low advertising cost, which gave an enormously high ROI.

The content received a high number of positive reactions from the target group and the ads really stood out on the feed. And the best of all – GRO has told us that their customers and industry colleagues came into the salon and praised them for their creative campaign.


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