Dressed to drill

Sandvik Coromant was ready for its most important launch in years, and by asking Spoon to promote it, gave us our biggest challenge to date. The result was nothing but a success.

The challenge

Sandvik Coromant’s new line of drills, the CoroDrill DS20, was its biggest launch in years. The task given us was a challenge: to reach a super wide target group – literally everyone in manufacturing making holes, all over the world – with something entirely new for the industry, to support conversion.


The solution

Spoon had previously successfully made a series of films profiling the engineers behind new Sandvik Coromant products and methods. The films depicted the brains, passion, drive and nerves of the team, giving a product both a story and a personality.

We choose a two-way video approach for the launch. A behind-the-scenes film describing the seven-year development of the drills, including the team’s blood, sweat and tears going into the project. We also shot a traditional case story at SKF in Mexico, who were part of the prototype phase of the drills’ development, showing their actual reactions to the drill series.

Together with written articles, photos and a massive amount of social media posts, the launch was covered from multiple angles.


The results

Targets were set using benchmarks from previous campaigns within Sandvik Group and the industry. The campaign exceeded these targets.

  • Total impressions (expected 1.72 million): 2.84 million.
  • Video views completion (expected 11,700): 14,500
  • Three-second video views (expected 234,000): 550,000

The two videos reached:

  • 189,385 views in the US, some 207% above the Facebook target and 80% above on the YouTube benchmark.
  • 107,782 views in Germany, scoring 167% above the Facebook target.
  • 177,280 views in Spain, which was 372% above the overall target.

The leads campaigns generated:

  • 495 leads vs the 300 leads-target in Sweden.
  • 752 leads vs the 130 leads-target in Turkey, with 90% generated from Facebook alone.
  • 42,481 website clicks compared to the target of 3,933 – for close to half the estimated cost!
The launch of CoroDrill DS20 was a project that engaged many, both at Sandvik Coromant and at Spoon. Thanks to our collaborative efforts and the combination of a new innovative product and a dedicated team who really wanted to create something new and different that would make an impact, the result was nothing but a success.
Johan Jackson, Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Sandvik Coromant


Total impressions (expected 1.72 million).


Website clicks compared to the target of 3,933.

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Samir Akhmedov

Marketing Manager