Kone 24/7 Connected Services

KONE had extended its ground-breaking 24/7 Connected Services to include escalators. The brand wanted to create buzz around the new launch and draw traffic to its campaign site.

The challenge

KONE had previously run a very successful campaign around its 24/7 Connected Services for lifts. And, while the escalator offering was different, there was a real danger that it might resemble the previous piece of work, adding to audience fatigue if it wasn’t promoted properly. KONE needed to ensure that the new escalator campaign stood out and was different from its predecessor.


The solution

Spoon was tasked with finding ways to tell the story differently. Totally new concepts and narratives for the content pieces were developed, as was a unique distribution strategy that would attract and retain first-time visitors, while offering something new to those returning to the site. Spoon’s prior success with KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services for elevators project made us the right fit for the project.


The results

Spoon developed content supplements to boost both concepts, while also creating a mini-strategy to boost the tweeting escalator. This included a fairly flexible distribution strategy, which could be tweaked on the go depending on the response to the campaign. KONE had two main content concepts for the campaign: a 360-degree Virtual Reality video pitched as “the most boring escalator ride ever” and a Twitter account dedicated to the “world’s first tweeting escalator” in London.

Spoon reviewed the two ideas and identified the tweeting escalator as having the most potential for attention and engagement. Spoon then worked closely with the KONE Comms team to monitor and moderate the tweeting escalator account, responding with humorous tweets designed to increase shareability.

The campaign was a success with 19,884 website visits and a 54% video completion rate.

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Maria Biesterfeldt

Agency Director Stockholm & New Business Director