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Thanks for not calling 112 - SOS alarm

How do you get people to NOT call the emergency number 112 - unless you really need to? In this campaign we helped SOS Alarm to reach out with this important message.

The Challenge

SOS Alarm operates the emergency number 112 in Sweden and their work is vital. However, they receive more than one million phone calls annually that are not emergencies. This means that people who really do need help might be put on hold in a phone queue. And in a real emergency, every second can be a matter of life or death. SOS Alarm wanted the Swedish population to understand the potential consequences of calling 112 in anything but an emergency. And that thinking twice before calling can actually help save lives.

The Solution

Together with Spoon, SOS Alarm developed "Tänk om"("What if" in Swedish), a campaign aimed at helping people think twice before calling 112. The goal was for the message to reach as many Swedes as possible. To maximize the campaign•s efficiency, we published it in three phases using data to inform us along the way. After each phase we analyzed the data to tweak and further improve the next launch and its reach. To avoid repetition, each subsequent phase, contained new ads with similar messaging. This way we were able to engage the target audience throughout the entire campaign.

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FOTO: Sos Alarm / Lisa Mattisson

The Result

The insights really paid off. During phase three, the campaign had a lower budget but still gained the same reach as before, thanks to a very low CPM of 8.99 SEK. The third phase also increased the amount of completed video views by +34%. Using data as the driving force for our content and distribution significantly boosted the campaign results. It enabled the target audience to engage with SOS Alarm's important message at a much lower price. In other words: we prooved that data-driven work pays off.

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Meryem Can Bolin

Business Director