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Helping industry giant Kanthal to reach out

Photo: Oskar Omne

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Our assignment

Kanthal is a world-leading brand for products and services in industrial heating technology and resistance materials. Spoon has collaborated with Kanthal since 2018. This partnership is extensive and today includes strategy work, concept development, production, distribution, and follow-up. Over the years, the collaboration has expanded further, spreading within our agency group, PPP.

Overall goal

The cooperation aims to develop Kanthal’s marketing even more. Together, we ensure that the Kanthal brand constantly evolves and grows through strategic choices, well-defined goal formulations, and creative concepts.

What does our client say?

“Spoon has always challenged us to step outside our comfort zone, which has improved our communication’s impact. And even when collaborating with several PPP agencies, it’s like working with just one, with fewer contact points and good flexibility.”

– Patrik Johansson, Global Marketing Communications Manager.

What we help the customer with

  • Strategy

    Strategic advice and support in communication matters.

  • Content production

    Production of content for Kanthal’s own, purchased and earned communication channels.

  • Main contact

    Liaison and coordination with other PPP agencies.