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Working smarter led to PR and SoMe success

TYA - Spoon är fullservicebyrå.

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Stina Gyldberg

Editor & Project Manager

stina.gyldberg@spoon.se +46 76 525 19 61

Our assignment

TYA is the Swedish transport unions’ occupational and work environment committee. One of their major issues is the skills supply and attracting young people to the transport industry. Many other industries in Sweden share this challenge, so it is crucial to have a concept that stands out and can reach many target groups through various channels.

Spoon has helped TYA communicate widely across several channels and worked with strategy, production, and distribution in PR and social media. The result is a long-term and clever concept that has yielded results among TYA’s main target groups for many years.

Overall objectives

To attract more Swedes to work in the transport industry and specially to reach young people and give them a positive image about jobs in the transport sector.  Another objective is to reach potential career changers, politicians, study and career counsellors, and the Swedish Public Employment Service.


What does our client say?

“Spoon has helped us work smart, broadly, and long-term, which has paid off in both PR and social media.”

– Åsa Nordstrand, Head of Communication and Project and Development

What we help TYA with

  • Strategy

    We create communication concepts and give strategic advise.  

  • PR

    We have helped them to reach 75 media publications in the past year, including Swedish news channels Ekot, Aktuellt, and Rapport.

  • Complete solutions for social media

    Strategy, production, and distribution to Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok. Over four million have accessed our material in the past year.

  • Graphic design

    We help TYA with reports, educational material, brochures and other printed matter, as well as digital solutions.

  • Video and podd

    We produce video for their e-learning and social media, a vlog on Youtube for example. In addition vi also produce a podcast that elevates industry issues.

  • Content production

    We regulary produce different articles, videos and graphics for TYA’s website, often linked to different campaigns.