Societal communication

Societal communication

We who work at Spoon are driven by a great sense of community engagement. We have a genuine interest in community development, business, democracy and civil dialogue. For us, it's really important. With roots in journalism, we know the art of translating this into relevant and engaging communication that really reaches out.


Diversity & Inclusion

Spoon has worked tirelessly to create an inclusive work culture, our ambition now is to be better at reflecting the greater society as well as educating ourselves further in topics such as D&I.



You’re holding a dinner party and tell a story to your guests. What will have the biggest impact: a true story or fiction? We at Spoon are ready to go all-in on reality being the winner. In fact, we have invested our entire business – and our customers’ – on it.



The Spoon learning philosophy is simple. We believe that real knowledge is obtained through a combination of theory, practice and reflection. All our guides and courses are designed to give you new insights, test them and reflect on the result.



When it comes to the art of print and making magazines, we at Spoon are seasoned veterans. Customer magazines was where it all started for us, over 20 years ago. Today, our offer spans from magazines to books, trend and sustainability reports and far beyond.



For us at Spoon, sustainability comes naturally. We help clients communicate a variety of sustainability issues, ranging from high to low and everything in between. Come to think of it, all the communication we create for our clients is in fact related to sustainability. There really isn’t any other way to do it.


Project management

Is skilled project management necessary for a successful project? If you want it to be done on time, have high production value and reach great results: then yes! When a complex project with a lot of moving parts is to be completed, an experienced project manager is not a luxury – it’s essential.


Social media

Social media is the given arena for all advertisers, regardless of industry. But breaking through the noise is not easy. It takes strategy and planning in combination with creative execution to make exceptional content.


Inhouse solutions

Building inhouse marketing and communication departments has grown exponentially the past few years. It's a growth that shows no sign of slowing down. But, for many companies, focusing on core business means that developing a strong inhouse agency is a job that can easily end up half-done.


Employer branding

Competition to recruit the best talent has never been tougher. A clear and relevant brand promise is just as important in attracting employees as it is in attracting customers.


Search & site

Your website might look good and feel nice, but is it fulfilling its purpose? If not, don't worry. We can help you fine-tune and optimize it for search engines.


Video production

As a medium for effective and engaging storytelling, video is hard to beat. Whether it’s a quick, eye-catching message or an in-depth web TV series, we make sure you get the best results.


Internal communication

There’s a misconception that internal communication is the same as that dull intranet that you say that you’ll check later, but never do. That’s too bad, because really good internal communication serves several purposes: besides keeping your coworkers up to date, it builds internal pride and creates those loyal brand ambassadors that all companies crave.


Insights & strategy

Spoon’s unique approach to strategy is based on research and insights from reality, not fiction. We get things done by identifying relevant targets, setting appropriate goals and engaging the right audience.