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Insights & Strategy

The 2021 way to create buzz
It is not easy to be heard in a world that is increasingly made up of noise, uncertainty and rapid change. Today, successful communication requires an elaborate strategy that is firmly rooted in the real world.

Content Distribution

The 2021 way to reach out
In a world where ad fatigue has reached new heights you need to look beyond superficial metrics. To measure true value, whatever it is, we offer another approach.

Internal Communication

The 2021 way to communicate
Internal communication is a vital part of a company’s voice. In times of uncertainty, clear and direct communication with your employees is more important than ever. We can help you get your message across.

Live Broadcasting

The 2021 way to connect
A brief moment of magic could easily be transformed into a long-lasting experience. We turn live performances into interactive, live-streamed shows that engage; and we create value surrounding the event that will make the buzz and digital impact last for months.

Employer Branding

The 2021 way to attract
Competition to recruit the best talent has never been tougher. A clear and true brand promise is just as important in attracting employees as it is in attracting customers. Learn more about our winning formula.


The 2021 way to hire
Need a hand at your place? We help in-house departments to succeed. Creating cutting-edge content requires a well-oiled team of creative talent.
Spoon Inhouse is a Service agency and we help you to build and maintain your communication team.


Spoon Education
The 2021 way to constant learning
We live in a world of constant change. Constant learning is our only option. In 2021 we must learn and relearn every day.

Areas of expertise...

Sustainability & Diversity

Spoon Future
The 2021 way to be sustainable
Communication with a clear purpose strengthens both brand and business. We love to create long-lasting change through communication that matters. From prize-winning sustainability reports to creative digital campaigns around sustainability and diversity. Let’s create change together!


Spoon Story
The 2021 way to voice your brand
To tell stories should be an integral part of every company’s communication in 2021. If you have nothing to say, no one will listen. But building a story that’s relevant for your target group is easier said than done. Find out how Spoon can help you crack the code.

Behavioural Science

Spoon Human Truths
The 2021 way to move people into action
Research is showing that what we think and say is less important than what we actually do. At Spoon, we use insights from behavioural science to strengthen your communication strategies.

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