Diversity & Inclusion

Spoon has worked tirelessly to create an inclusive work culture, our ambition now is to be better at reflecting the greater society as well as educating ourselves further in topics such as D&I.

Creating diverse communication

We have several years of experience working methodically with diversity and inclusion in communication. During this time, we've grown an expert network that holds us accountable towards consistently ensuring broader representation in communication strategies and content. With this network and experience we know how to help our clients systematically think, plan and apply their strategies to create more inclusive, diverse and equitable communication.

Reflecting & empowering

Spoon aims to reflect the society that it portrays and the people whose stories are being told. In order to fulfill this wish we are in constant development of our hiring practices, partnerships and culture in order to create a diverse and inclusive environment. We want Spoon to be an industry leader and create a space where people with different backgrounds feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to do the work of their lives.

Spoon is a value driven company which sees diversity and inclusion as an obvious and natural way forward. We want to be champions for inclusion which in turn makes us champions for diversity. Our work with inclusion stems from our partnerships, recruiting practices and volunteer work with change-making organisations (NGO’s).

Pipelines & partnerships

Our goal is to create pipelines through partnerships which in turn will attract diverse talent and offer a workplace that enables them to do the work of their lives.

Our informal partnerships with The Good Talents, F1rst and All of Us has generated more interest from candidates that we otherwise wouldn’t reach.

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Gabriella Wiiala

New Business Director