Inhouse solutions

Building inhouse marketing and communication departments has grown exponentially the past few years. It's a growth that shows no sign of slowing down. But, for many companies, focusing on core business means that developing a strong inhouse agency is a job that can easily end up half-done.

The full inhouse package

That’s where Spoon Inhouse comes in. We are a full-service operation for staffing and other inhouse offerings, ensuring your marketing and communication activities run like a well-oiled machine.

Depending on your needs, we can build an inhouse department from scratch, staff and strengthen your current one and even take over the complete operation of your inhouse department.

Access to Spoon’s know-how

All our inhouse consultants have a support manager at Spoon Inhouse, as well as access to a network of more than 150 colleagues throughout the Spoon Group. This network offers a wealth of extra knowledge, enabling our consultants to stay on top of industry trends and offer top-notch and seamless service, whatever our client's requirements. And with a well-established network of consultants, Spoon Inhouse can help you ramp up – or down – your inhouse team in the blink of an eye.

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Per Johnsson

Client Director & Content Editor

Rob Hincks.jpeg

Rob Hincks

New Business Director, Head of Spoon Inhouse